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Providing Ample Security To Customers And Vendors At A Gun Show

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If you are hosting a gun show for the first time, you will want to have ample security measures in place to keep personal items from being stolen and people from being injured. Gun shows will require many safety features in place behind the scenes so those participating are ensured a favorable experience when browsing, buying, and selling firearms. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your trade show is a successful and safe experience for all who participate.

Inform Sellers Of Rules And Check Over Merchandise Before The Show Begins

When a vendor signs up to sell firearms at your event, make sure to provide them with the state and federal rules regarding firearm sales so they are likely to comply with this information. Make it clear that under no circumstance is a loaded weapon allowed on the premises and indicate the vendor will be removed from the property if they try to bring one into the event. Set up a check-in area for vendors to have merchandise inspected by a trained security guard to make sure all weapons are empty before they can come in to set up their items for sale.

Supply Vendors With Tools To Keep Their Firearms Safe During Times They Are Not At Their Table

If the gun show is going to last for more than one day, firearms will need to remain on the premises during this time so they do not need to be rechecked in at the door on subsequent selling days. Provide vendors with parachute cord to secure gun boxes to their table or to each other, making them more difficult to remove from the premises. Encourage vendors to bring along an electronic cabling system for added protection against theft. Have an armed security guard on the premises during the overnight hours to help keep firearms from being stolen as well.

Have Several Trained Security Guards On The Premises To Keep Order Throughout The Event

Hire a security service to provide you with guards who can patrol the trade show to help thwart theft of firearms and to increase the security of customers on the premises. Have a few of the security staff dress as customers themselves so they can blend in with the crowd, appearing less obtrusive to help keep theft at bay. It is best to have security in uniform as well so customers can alert them of any suspicious activity they need to address.

For more information, contact Security Unlimited or a similar company.

5 Ways To Use Security Signs Effectively

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If you have had a security system recently installed in your home, the security company you purchased the system from likely provided you with signs that you can put in your front yard. If not, then you should ask for some because they are a great way to deter burglars. Although you have the security system to protect you, the signs can prevent the thief from attempting to break into your home altogether, which is definitely safer for your home and your family. Here are five ways to use these security signs effectively: 

  1. Mount Against a Wall: Instead of placing the sign in the middle of the yard or planter, it’s a good idea to have it mounted against the wall. This way, the sign is less likely to fall due to the wind or move when yard work is being done. 
  2. Pick a Central Location: Many homeowners believe that placing their security signs by the front entrance of their home is the best place for it to be seen. However, this is not always the case since many thieves will actually attempt to break in through a window or back door and won’t even see a security sign near the front entrance. Instead, you should pick central locations, such as near the front windows of the house. 
  3. Use Decals Throughout: Many security companies will provide you with window decals that should be used throughout your home. Windows are definitely one area that thieves look to when breaking in, but if you have the security signs on most of the windows of your home, the chances of them attempting to break in lessens significantly. 
  4. Continue to Ask for Them: Whenever you notice security signs that are becoming worn or you notice that any are missing, you should ask your security company for more. This way, you can continue to efficiently let thieves know that your home is secure. 
  5. Don’t be Too Excessive: One or two signs in the yard is okay, but you don’t want to go overboard, which can make it appear as if you are just making up for the fact that you actually don’t have a home security system. So only use signs in central locations, but not in ever corner of the yard. 

When you know these five ways to use security signs effectively, the chances of your home being the source of robbery is significantly lowered.  

Contact a local security company, such as Oversight Security, for further assistance.

Home Protection Information

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Home protection is something you want to take seriously. When you don’t, you are putting yourself, everyone else in the house and all of your belongings at risk of being victimized. Home protection means not only properly securing your home, but also acting in a way that helps ensure household safety. The information you will read here will help you to understand how to better secure your home. 

Protect doggie doors

If you have a doggie door in the house, you want to make sure you secure it before you go to bed at night and when you leave the house. This also means finding a different method of your dog getting out during these periods, but this is very important to securing your home. Also, secondary locks should be put on sliding glass doors, since these doors lock with latches that can be popped open quite easily.   

Make sure doors and windows are secure

You want to go around both the inside and the outside of your home and take a close look at every door and window. The doors should be solid and they should have deadbolts installed on them. The deadbolts make the door much harder for someone to pick. You do want to make sure the deadbolts are put in place with three-inch long screws as well. This will ensure a person won’t be able to ram the door open.

Secure the garage door

If you have a garage door that opens automatically then there is the added risk of someone getting in the garage by putting a wire through the top of the door and putting it in the hole in the emergency lever. When they do this, they can tug the lever open, which causes the door to open. You can prevent this by using something, such as twine through the hole, to secure the lever in place around the base of the motor unit or the track. 

Keep the exterior secure

Put dark tint on the windows to prevent others from looking into your house when the curtains are open. Lock bikes, skateboards, tools, lawnmowers and other tempting items in the garage or in a tool shed where they won’t tempt criminals to come into your yard. 

Get a security system with remote access

A security system is important for home protection. However, you want to go with one that has remote access. This way, you can monitor your home while away and even control the system. You can log in to view the footage being filmed from the cameras, so you feel confident that your house is safe.

3 Tips For Making Sure You Get The Security You Need

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If you contract out your security guard services, from a company like S&S Security Services, for your business, you can improve your relationships with your security guard service by implementing the three tips below. 

Interview & Verify Your Security Guards

In order to improve your relationship with your security guard service company, it is important that you make sure that the guards that are assigned to work at your business are a good fit for your company and work environment. 

Even though the security company you hired should have vetted all of their guards before giving them assignments, work with your security guard company and see if you can independently interview and choose which guards are right for you. Set up interviews with all the security guards assigned to your company and make sure that you are comfortable with all the guards the security company wants to send you. Additionally, make sure that you follow up and verify that any guard placed at your business have the right training in place to protect your business and meet any training requirements your state requires.

Perform Random Spot Inspections

Once your guards are in place, perform random spot checks to ensure that everything is running as you want it to. Stop by and check out your business unannounced and at different hours and times of days. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing random spot inspections, considering hiring a third party security consultant to inspect the security of your business. 

Meet With The Security Company On A Regular Basis

Next, make sure that you engage in open communication with the security company that you are contracting your guards through. The meetings can be formal or informal, the important part is that you communicate with the company you are contracting through at least once a month.

During these meetings, let them know how their security guards are working out for you. Provide them with information about the things their guards are doing that work well for your business, and the things they are doing that are not working well for you. Other topics that can be discussed during these meetings are feedback from remote supervisory systems, results of security audits and guard attrition. 

Meeting regularly with your security contractor will provide you with lots of incremental opportunities to work together and improve the services you are receiving. 

By implementing the three tips above, you should be able to ensure that your business gets the security and protection that it needs. 

Barriers To Help Keep Your Home Safe

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Most thieves look for an easy target that gives them simple access to goods they know they can sell. This means that you will have a better chance of keeping criminals from paying attention to your house if you make it difficult for them to get into it. Follow some of the tips here to help keep your home better protected from thieves. 

Put up barriers around the property

The more barriers you have up around your property, the less chance you have of your home being broke into. A few barriers you can add around your property include motion activated sprinklers, lights and noise makers like talking garden gnomes. You should be sure the motion activated devices allow you to set a target weight so they don’t go off every time a cat passes in front of them.

Lock your fence

Having a fence won’t do you much good if you leave the gate to it open. However, if you put a secure lock on it then the fence can add a barrier that criminals will find very hard to work around.  

Have good locks installed

Deadbolts should be on all of your outer doors. Also, all your windows should lock securely so they can’t be shimmied open. Sliding glass doors should have secondary locks since these doors can be quite easy to break into when they are secured by only a center lock on the handle. Don’t forget to make sure your garage windows are also secured and that the emergency lever so your automatic garage door opener is secured with a zip tie so it can’t be opened from the outside with a thick wire.

Lock your cars and chain up other items

Your cars should always be kept locked and anything expensive you leave outside should be chained and locked as well. Things like bikes, expensive barbecues or lawn mowers should be secured so they don’t get taken.

Install a security system

Installing a security system in your home is a great way to scare off most criminals. They don’t like knowing the security alarm response will alert your household, anyone near the house and the local law enforcement agency to a break in. This means a lot of people could come out to confront them with the police on their way.

Following the steps above will help your home to stay more secure and leave criminals looking for an easier target.

3 Low-Tech Ways To Stop Retail Theft

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Shoplifting and worker theft are a $45 billion problem for retailers in the United States. In a time where retailers have to be more competitive than ever before to stay profitable, retail theft can seriously hurt their bottom line. If you are looking for ways to increase the profitability of your own retail outlet, curbing retail theft could be the answer.

Here are three low-tech solutions you can employ to help stop retail theft in your store in the future.

1. Invest in some anti-theft signage.

It’s impossible for you or your security staff to be everywhere in your store at once, but it is possible for an anti-theft sign to stay put and deter shoplifters. Having a sign that lets potential shoplifters know that they will be prosecuted can be a simple way to reduce the amount of shoplifting that occurs in your store each year.

Interestingly enough, recreating the feeling of being watched by incorporating a set of eyes on your signage can double the chances that a would-be thief will comply with your no-shoplifting mandate. Place anti-theft signs high, where shoplifters will see them as they scan for security cameras, and be sure that you don’t display too many signs or a shoplifter might assume that you don’t have a security system in place.

2. Become familiar with common shoplifting techniques.

Taking the time to learn how shoplifters operate will allow you to become better at spotting would-be thieves in the act of stealing from your store. In addition to watching customers who are wearing baggy clothing or carrying large purses closely, you must be knowledgeable when it comes to the devices shoplifters use to steal if you want to reduce retail theft.

Sophisticated shoplifters use baby strollers, umbrellas, and even newspapers to conceal stolen goods. Training yourself and your employees to recognize shoplifting techniques will help you catch shoplifters before they can remove goods from your store.

3. Use customer service to let shoplifters know they are being watched.

Knowing that employees are keeping tabs on customers may be enough to deter shoplifters. You can use quality customer service to let shoplifters know that employees in your store are aware of their presence, and that any attempt to steal will likely be noticed.

Be sure to have an employee greet each customer that walks through the door. This tells shoplifters that they are being watched. It can also be beneficial to have employees approach customers and ask if they need assistance when trying to prevent shoplifting. This alerts shoplifters to the fact that they are on an employee’s radar, which makes stealing less enticing.

Curbing shoplifting is important if you want your retail outlet to succeed. Try using some low-tech methods for deterring shoplifting in the future.

4 Businesses At A High Risk For Break-Ins

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While it may seem like banks and high-end jewelry stores are most at risk for burglaries and break-ins, this isn’t always the case. Most criminals know that these types of businesses already have surveillance equipment and excellent security, so they might not bother. However, other businesses may be at a high risk. Here are four types of businesses that tend to be a high risk for break-ins.

Shops Next to Low-Security Businesses

Just because your own retail business has good security doesn’t mean the adjoining building does. If your shop is attached to another shop or business with low security, a lack of surveillance equipment, and no security guard, you could be at risk. Someone might break into the building next door and break through that wall to get into your shop. The best thing you can do in this situation is get surveillance that goes further than your own shop and have roaming security guards around the entire building, including neighboring businesses.

Medical Offices

Medical and dental offices tend to be a big target for break-ins for several reasons. First of all, even if you don’t keep much medication in your office, you might have drug samples. Criminals looking to sell pills will know this and use that as motive to break in. You also have the risk of someone breaking in to steal medical records for whatever reason. There is also the risk of people breaking in to steal the expensive equipment you have inside. All of these are good reasons to get extra security.

Businesses With an Obstructed View

If you have a retail shop, office or other type of business with an obstructed view from the street or other businesses, you are a target. The criminal knows they would be hard to stop if they attempt to break in, whether through a window or door. Whether you are far from the street or the front of your building is obstructed by large bushes or trees, you need to have additional security. It is also a good idea to trim trees so that they don’t cover part of your building, giving the thief a place to hide.

Storefront With Large Windows

Do you have a retail business that has large windows, showing a good majority of your store? If so, you are also at risk. While all retail shops are potentially at risk, you are a target for break-ins because people can see a good amount of what you have inside. Not only can they see your inventory during the day, but they can peek at what isn’t put away at night when you close up shop. They can also see if any employees are still inside and look around to see if you have surveillance.

If your business has any of these risk factors, or if you just want to increase security anyway, contact a company like Star Protection Agency LLC.

Home Security Starts With The Door: 4 Tips For Making Your Doors Safer

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Your home is your safe haven: a place for relaxation, peace, and enjoyment. In order to feel truly safe and secure in your sanctuary, you need to implement a home security plan. If you do not know where to start, consider starting with your doors. These entry and exit points are the first step in securing your home. So if you are looking to improve your home security and beef up your doors, utilize these four tips:

1. Opt for Windowless Doors

Doors with windows may be beautiful, but they are less secure. If the window is located near your door locks, someone could easily break the window and gain access to your home. If possible, try to find a door that does not have a window. However, if you find a door that has a window and you absolutely must have it, make it safer. Opt for reinforced glass or add bars—which can be decorative—to prevent intrusions. You might also consider adding a second lock located away from the window, just in case.

2. Install Deadbolts

A door is only as strong as its weakest lock. Even if you have a sturdy steel door, someone could break in by picking the lock. For ultimate safety, you should install secondary locks on all doors that lead to the outside. While any lock will help improve safety, a deadbolt is one of the best options—it is affordable and secure. Just make sure you choose a deadbolt from a reputable company.

3. Secure Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are beautiful and convenient, but they also pose a security risk. Large doors made of glass are easy to break, and that makes them a target for thieves. If you have glass sliding doors in your home, make sure they are made from reinforced glass so that they are harder to break. You might also want to use a wooden dowel in the door track to prevent the door from being opened from the outside. Additionally, keep the doors locked and install curtains so that prying eyes cannot see inside when you aren’t home—or when you are sleeping.

4. Install Peepholes

Finally, consider installing peepholes in all doors that lead to the outside. Peepholes can help keep your home secure, while still providing a means of seeing outside. Simply look through the glass anytime someone knocks; and decide whether you will open the door to them.

Improving your home security starts with the doors. Use these tips, along with a home security system, to help keep your home and your family safer. For more information on security, visit Blue Line Security LLC.

Three Tips To Install A Great Lighting System In Your Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

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Without a proper lighting system in your enclosed snowmobile trailer, you’ll have a very difficult time loading your snowmobile after sunset. Luckily, even though most snowmobile trailers don’t come with any lights, installing a lighting system in the trailer’s interior is a great introductory DIY project.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of a DIY lighting system installation in your enclosed snowmobile trailer, follow these three tips:

1. Be Careful Not To Put Any Lights Too Far Down The Walls

The worst thing you can do with the lights you buy is set them so far down on the walls of the trailer’s interior that they can be crushed by the snowmobile. Even if your enclosed trailer is wide enough to give your snowmobile plenty of clearing space, it only takes one misplaced push to completely wreck all your hard work.

If for some reason you absolutely have to have lights farther down on your trailer’s walls, enclose them in strong metal cages that can take any sudden impact from your snowmobile. Otherwise, aim to stick most of your lights in the edges between your trailer interior’s ceiling and its walls.

2. Make Sure The Lights Won’t Blind You While You’re Loading Your Snowmobile

Any lights you install will have to be thick enough to cut through mist and light snow. Otherwise, they’ll be useless on many snowmobile treks in the winter.

However, if some of the lights are both very bright and pointed directly at your face while you’re pushing your snowmobile into your trailer, you’ll almost certainly suffer temporary blindness. Additionally, if you’re caught off-balance by the light, you could let your snowmobile go and send it tumbling back down your trailer’s ramp and into a waiting snow pile.

To prevent these sorts of problems, it’s important to do a test loading with your snowmobile right after you place your lights and see if you need to alter their positions.

3. Replace Any Cracked Boards In The Trailer’s Interior Before Your Installation

Since most snowmobile trailers aren’t designed with lots of added weight in mind, an interior wall made of thin wooden boards can be a real hazard. This is especially true if you got your trailer used and many of the boards have cracks in them.

Before you even consider installing a full lighting system in your snowmobile trailer, thoroughly inspect all the wooden boards you can find in it. If any of them feel flimsy or have even the slightest crack, don’t hesitate to replace them. It just isn’t worth taking the risk of both your DIY lighting system and the wooden boards supporting it collapsing.

If you’re able to customize your enclosed snowmobile trailer successfully, any snowmobile trip you take will be significantly easier to manage. So even if you’re not extremely experienced with DIY projects, the effort involved in figuring out what to do could very well be worth it. To learn more, try contacting a company like Ace Trailer Sales.

One Lock To Meet Safety And Health Concerns

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In today’s world of business, you need to be able to keep your facility safe and secure, but some of your biggest threats can easily bypass your locks. Germs don’t care about locked doors, they can easily hangout on a door handle waiting to infect whoever touches the door. In order to keep your facility safe, you need door locks that will not only deter thieves, but will also deter germs.

Measures for Keeping Thieves at Bay

A keypad is much more difficult to bypass than your average lock and key setup. Equipping your locks with a keypad will help to keep your average thief away from your facility. If you want to add even another layer of convenience and protection, you can install locks that can be opened with your smartphone. You can by door locks that are equipped with bluetooth sensitivity so that you can open your door with your phone. Using your phone can help to cut down on the amount of time you spend at a door, which will give thieves less time to attack you while you are trying to get into your facility. With a bluetooth enabled lock, you can store multiple users so that each person on your team will be able to use their own phone.

Protection against Microbes

The threat of an epidemic is nothing to scoff at. While you can hope that all of your employees wash their hands, you can never be one-hundred percent sure. Thus, you need to do everything you can to slowdown the transfer of germs. Doorknobs are one place that microbes can be passed from one person’s hand to the next. If you buy a door lock that is treated with an anti-microbial finish, any germs that get transferred to your doorknob will be killed before they can be passed to another person. If you get a finish that uses ions to kill germs, you don’t have to worry about creating an environmental hazard as you try to keep your facility free of nasty germs.

Rather than skimp by buying the cheapest knobs you can find, you should look for doorknobs which will help you to avoid future costs. Some germs can put your employees in the hospital, which is bad for the employee, bad for your productivity, and costly in terms of workers compensation. In order to keep your costs down, you should look for locks that deter thieves and germs at the same time. Contact a local outlet, such as Georges Lock & Security Service, for further assistance.